This is where you may create your warrior name. You can create one yourself, or I can create one that most fits you. To do so, either leave a comment or message containing information I will need to create one(favorite color, element, flower, gemstone, etc.). To create one yourself, there are plenty of ways. You can find a name genorater, or base it on a passion, favorite thing, or what ever you like. You have probably noticed that a warrior name consists of to parts. First you may create the main part, the part of name that has never changed, such as Leafkit, Leafpaw, Leafpool, Leafstar. notice how 'Leaf remains in the name, therefore, it is the main part. Then you must create the second half of your warrior name. This can also be based on your personality if you like. Once you have, put both halves together and you have a warrior name.